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The banner says it all.  This is David Selby's official site, full of career news and breaking news as well as many photos and other goodies.  There is also a full credit list including stage, television, movies and radio work, as well as his writing credits.  His poetry books (highly recommended) as well as his photographic career retrospective "In and Out of the Shadows" can be purchased here.


This is the "unofficial" David Selby site.  Aside from all the wonderful content on Dr. Selby's career, it is also a reputable source of firsthand news.  The webmaster also has a link to her Yahoo group.  She uses this group to send out notification of updates to her site as well as her announcements of updates to the official site.  I can't see any fan who is seriously interested in Selby's career not wanting to get these notices.

This is the site for LA Theaterworks.  A number of the plays David Selby has performed for them are still avaliable  for purchase on either cassette, CD or both.


Once of the best informational Dark Shadows sites around. Interviews, multimedia and most importantly, news, frequently updated.

Dark Shadows Alumni Movies Site

Invaluable site for those trying to locate non-Dark Shadows work in which the Dark Shadows actors have appeared.

Dark Shadows Forums

Excellent, moderated discussion board hosting all variety of discussions pertaining to Dark Shadows. If what you look for in a discussion group is courteous, informed conversation, this is the place to be.

Dark Shadows Reborn

Official site for the new Dark Shadows Radio Dramas from Big Finish. Aside from information, synopses and release dates there are downloads which include an audio trailer and three wallpapers of David Selby, John Karlen Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker.


Visually stunning website dedicated to all things Julia Hoffman. All kinds of interesting things to read and explore including postcards, multimedia and a fanfiction section.

Night of Dark Shadows/House of Dark Shadows Restoration Website

This is Darren Gross' site (officially sanctioned by Dan Curtis productions) regarding the ongoing restoration efforts on both DS movies. There are periodic updates on the status of locating more of the missing 35 min of footage from the overnight studio required edit of House of Dark Shadows.

Portraits of Collinwood

The old site is back after a two year hiatus; but in a slightly condensed and more manageable form. This site contains wallpapers, fanfiction and many other DS related goodies. Please note the changed URL below:


Sofie's Falcon Crest Quotes Site

This is a fun site run by my friend Sofie from Sweden.  Its a fun assortment of memorable quotes from Falcon Crest episodes, arranged by season, episode or character.  She is always looking for new submissions of funny or dramatic quotes that stick in people's memories.  There's also a quiz and some cool screen grabs.

This wonderful fansite of new episodes is back, after being dormant for nearly two years.  Picking up about ten years after we last saw the Channing and Gioberti clans, the writers have completed and posted three seasons of new goings on. Well written and true to all the characters and the spirit of the show. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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