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Vengeance at Collinwood - Synopsis (Radio play 2005 fest)
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David Selby after the end of "Vengeance at Collinwood". In the group is Jamison who wrote the play.

Vengeance at Collinwood -- Synopsis
                                                         by JMW

Due to the announcement that, unlike Return to Collinwood, this performance would not be recorded and released, I am doing this in two parts.  The first is this synopsis, so people can have some idea what the play was like, and the review will be a separate page.

“All people show their true colours at night”.  This line from the opening of Vengeance at Collinwood sets the tone for the story, which takes place at some unnamed time after Return to Collinwood.


            As the action opens, we see a restless Quentin Collins (David Selby) unable to sleep, outside Collinwood.  Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott) arrives after noticing he wasn’t in bed.   Their conversation goes from “ruminations by moonlight” to Poe (?) to the teasing banter of lovers rife with suggestion, innuendos and double meanings that would never have made it past the ABC censors. 


We then see a wonderful comic scene with Willie and Jessica Loomis (John Karlen and Marie Wallace) in the Blue Whale. But then a stranger comes in – Tony Petersen (Jerry Lacy), who mentions having worked for the Collins’ about thirty years before.  He is no longer a lawyer, but a businessman with an idea to pitch to Collins Industries.  Willie refers him to Quentin as the head of the business, and Peterson leaves.


But once he is outside, an odd thing happens – he starts speaking to himself in a strange voice – that of the original Reverend Trask!


The next day at Collinwood, Cassandra (Lara Parker) has come to visit from her home at Rose Cottage.  There is obviously no love lost between her and Carolyn (Nancy Barrett) and their arch fencing, exp over who will answer the Collinwood door, is priceless.  Meanwhile, Quentin has his business meeting with Petersen, who it turns out works for a subsidiary of Trask Industries.  Quentin has a bad feeling about this and heads off to do some research on the company.


Some time later he goes to see Willie at the Old House.  Willie is finally enjoying the Jacuzzi he just got up and running, and while lounging he fills Quentin in on Carolyn and Peterson’s history.  The men decide some spying is in order, Quentin leaves and Jessica and Willie get snuggly and finally get  to enjoy the hot tub together.


Later that night Willie is sneaking around the Collinsport Hotel and hears the Trask/Petersen duet, but has an unfortunate run in with a cat who scratches him, and Peterson catches him.  Willie, trying to cover, makes up a convoluted story about a dog that got loose and hightails it out of there to meet Quentin, who is waiting at the Blue Whale with Jessica for his dinner appt with Peterson.


While Quentin waits for Peterson, Willie shares his news.  Peterson checked in and stays alone, but there are always voices heard in his room.  Quentin then gets word that Peterson has moved their meeting back one hour…Quentin must meet him alone… and the location is Widows Hill…..


When Quentin arrives, Peterson tells him that he has given Maggie a fast acting toxin, she is unconscious but alive, and Quentin will never find her by himself.  Trask explains Angelique/Cassandra to Quentin and gives him an ultimatum to bring Angelique back, for she is the reason Trask has come back in the first place. “You’re NOT a well man,” Quentin replies.


Peterson explains Maggie’s kidnapping, the reasons behind it and explains how he is really a Trask.  He then gives Quentin the toxin to give Angelique; the same one he gave Maggie which he states is ultimately harmless.


Quentin and Willie have been searching for Maggie with no luck, and are discussing their options.  “Sometimes the worst thing you can do is give someone what they want.  Mr Peterson  wants to dance with the devil.  I’m gonna buy him a ticket,” Quentin concluded.


We next see him in the stable with Angelique, who has been riding.  They have their usual guarded banter, then he gives her the drug and she passes out as Maggie did.  Peterson enters, then waves his hand over Angelique then pulls out a gun and shoots Quentin.


Some time later Angelique wakes up to find herself with Peterson.  Both he and Trask bait her then Peterson shows her a vial of blood – Barnabas’ vampire blood.


Willie has now come to the stable in search of Quentin only to find him lying on the floor of the stable covered in blood.  Willie believes he is dead and is reacting accordingly.


“I appreciate the eulogy but it’s a bit premature.”


“He SHOT you!”


“I HATE when people do that! It makes me ANGRY!” (Hmmm, anyone else wonder whether Quentin turns green and hulks out instead of getting furry at the full moon?)


Trask has now brought Angelique to the Mausoleum, where he intends to infect her with the vampire blood and chain her up in a coffin.  Angelique feels Trask in Peterson’s mind and blocks his powers.


Quentin then shows up which shocks Peterson.“You made a solid effort,” Quentin tells him.  “You researched Angelique, but you didn’t know enough about ME”.  He goes on to explain how he had made a deal with Angelique for this to work out.


“You’ve made a deal with THE DEVIL!” Trask exclaims.


“Wouldn’t be the first time” Quentin retorted deadpan.


 Angelique then warns Peterson/Trask about Quentin’s temper once roused “The fur flies.”  She then goes into Peterson’s mind and pulls out information on where he has hidden Maggie.  She is in a rented cabin not far from Wyndcliff.


Trask keeps blithering on about how she needs to be punished, how the witch must BURN.


“We all pay for our crimes, but YOU are not the judge.”  Quentin speaks thoughtfully about Barnabas, how he was locked up for all those years, isolated, tormented by bloodlust to the point where madness would have been a blessing. He then forces Trask to drink the vial of Barnabas’ blood.  “Are you thirsty, Mr. Peterson?”


Scene then cuts to Maggie Carolyn and Quentin.  Quentin gives Maggie a bag.  In the bag is a box, in the box is a ring.


Final scene is in mausoleum with Peterson; Trask voices are tormenting him.  He realizes he has drunk the vial and starts frantically beating at what he now realizes is the inside of a chained coffin.

Review of "Vengeance at Collinwood"

This synopsis is based upon notes I took during the play.  I am iffy about saying it is a copyrighted article, as the play I described is copyright, but except for quotes the words and descriptions are mine.

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