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JW Media Fanfic and Fandoms Site

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Hi.  I have been involved in both  Science Fiction and Media Fandoms since I was in High School (1975 that was!).   Although I have been involved in a wide variety of things, from running conventions and fanclubs to putting out zines, the bulk of my activities have centered around Fanfiction and Fanzines. 
Over those years I have written fanfic in a number of different fandoms including Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blakes'7.  I will be posting more of these to the website as I locate the now out of print zines they were originally published in.
As with all fanfiction, all canon characters, etc are the property of the original copyright holders. All work based on previously copyrighted or trademarked material was produced following US Fair Use guidelines. These works were written solely for entertainment purposes. No infringement of any legally existing copyright, trademark or license is intended.

This site will be about my current fannish interests, primary of which is my rediscovery of Dark Shadows.  Here you will find my pictures form the Dark Shadows Festival in Brooklyn in 2003, including those from the live performance of the radio play "Return to Collinwood".  My Dark Shadows Festival Site is:
 I also have a trip report/play review  and pictures from my trip to Martinsburg WV to see David Selby and Susan Sullivan in the play "Love Letters".  My David Selby fansite can be found at:
This site is the first one I have done, so it will be very much a work in progress.  More fanfiction and personal convention  reports and photographs will appear as I get things up to speed.
Enjoy, and thanks for visiting

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PR shot "Indy and Marion" Raiders of the Lost Ark
Photo scanned from cover of People Magazine 1981

Collinwood from Dark Shadows



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